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Its history in the making Crews discovered human remains on the construction site about a month ago, but the school district did not learn it was a historic cemetery until the first week in April, according to district spokeswoman Amanda Bubela.

However, Moore had a feeling for years that the area near the cemetery could contain other remains.

Leasing out convicts Moore discusses the history with passion as he stands inside the chain-link fence of the cemetery, talking fast and running words together.

Even though the system changed, the people remained the same.These people were used, abused, neglected and taken advantage of without any recognition, said Moore.I feel like it was an atrocity and somebody had to speak up for them.Cunningham and Ellis were former Confederates, slaveholders, said Mc Daniel.So the same people are looking for ways to exploit black labor in the aftermath of slavery.

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The maximum sentence is 2 years, most offenders stay just 6-9 months, and there is no supervision upon release.

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