Adult chat server irc Paid to sex chat

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Can you make sure your submission is in English please even if it is for a non-English channel.Please, if possible, to not sent email using HTML, for email client that Platyna uses HTML is unreadable.Users engaging in such activity may be banned without warning.The Otherworlders IRC network follows the laws of the United States of America, as this is where the majority of our servers are located.

Channel hosts that wish to mark their channels as suitable for a different audience are encouraged to use the format: be mode-locked either s (secret) or p (private).If you feel you are being harassed then please consider the following steps as a guide to how to deal with it.Be aware though that network operators will not issue channel kicks or bans unless they also hold channel operator status in those channels.We will do everything in our power to protect minors and other vulnerable groups, so that no one will fear chatting on our network.In addition, illegal activity will be punished to the fullest extent possible.

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Illegal activities that are prohibited server-wide include (but are not limited to) Posting links to websites is OK, as long as the content of that website is not against any of the other server rules and you do not repeatedly post the link (flooding and spaming).

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