Anette olzon tuomas holopainen dating

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Anette olzon tuomas holopainen dating

Some people have said that it takes a few more listens to get into it. After all, some of the most rewarding albums ever made have taken a little getting to know.”Anette: “I really, really like .

When we went to Germany for a playback session I remember, I found myself thinking: ‘How on earth is anyone going to write about an album this massive on the first listen?

The film is about the power of imagination and memory, also the amazing things that unconditional love can achieve.”All of this is no great surprise. “The public perception of Nightwish isn’t necessarily true. I encounter lots and lots of people that think we do everything with a serious face.

It’s the logical thing for Nightwish to do.”As an individual, you have a great love of the classic Walt Disney flicks. There’s something about the emotional power of those films that is so seductive. Come on, it’s just music…”Does the band appear in the film?(In an interview Tarja explained that in 2016 they had plans to move back to Europe due to her touring schedule and that their daughter was starting school in the coming year.was a sprawling, symphonic metal epic bolstered by live chorale and orchestral arrangements that showcased founder Tuomas Holopainen’s compositional skills as well as then-singer Anette Olzon’s vocal talents. Back in 2007 I started to wonder what we could do after .So I searched my brain for something that would take it into another dimension.”It sounds as though you are constantly in search of something bigger and more spectacular than what’s gone before? But if it should flop at the box office, that’s a gigantic amount of the band’s own cash to lose…Tuomas: “I know. The band’s company has invested heavily.”Did everybody in the group agree? We all want to be a part of it.’”You have streamlined the content of the songs in order to make the movie hang together.It’s necessary for Nightwish to outdo themselves – go to that next level of grandiosity – at every point, time after time? It’s not about trying to make the band bigger and bigger and bigger. But luckily we have been able to gather together some money for the last 10 or 12 years. It’s now about an old man on his deathbed who glimpses a childhood dream in which he refuses to grow old, and fights ageing with his imagination.

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Tuomas: “A little, I guess, but it felt like the natural thing to do. Rock music has such a rich history: We love being the first to do something extraordinary.

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