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Christiandatingadvice org

Are you a Catholic and only interested in meeting other Catholic singles for marriage?

Then these are some well known dating services for you as 101 does not offer a Catholic only dating service for several reasons.

Okay, that’s my paraphrase, but what other conclusion can one draw from a reply that begins thusly: If only it were that simple! Every marriage moves beyond the new-love, high-octane phase eventually, according to Psychologist Dorothy Tennov.

Find a gorgeous woman (or man), marry her (or him), and live happily ever after. But movies always end before the fireworks (what your friend calls “zing-pop”) die down. The longest it can last is three years, and often it’s less.

Why can’t people marry because there’s sexual chemistry AND they are well-suited to each other in temperament and other values AND it all comes together in a complete package that includes sex, kids, and life? Why can’t you grow in companionate love and the security of stability, and still find each other sexy and attractive?

How is this “well, don’t think you’re going to find each other sexy forever, ’cause that never lasts” view of marriage going to encourage young men to marry?

I bookmarked the article a couple of years ago in anticipation of blogging about it, but did I ever get around to the blogging part?

ANYHOW…it’s your basic “how important is physical attraction?

(Longtime readers of my blog can probably tell you Candice Watters’ opinion on the topic, and my opinion of Candice Watters’ opinion on the topic.) Basically, the reader says she forwarded the infamous “Brother, You’re Like a Six” Boundless article to a single male friend whom she felt needed the ~advice, and he wrote her back a lengthy reply that basically reads like typical manospherian reasoning on the subjects of looks, chemistry, and attraction. Latino Christian Dating Well – that’s all we have for different Christian people groups for now but we will add more later.I can’t remember if I’ve discussed this article from Marry Well before, but even if I have, it’s worth a revisit.For now you may want to join our general free christian dating site at you will find 1000’s single Christians from all around the globe!Or you can join or social network at: Social where you can meet hundreds or Christians both single and for social meetups etc For Hispanic Christians…

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But it is to caution against giving looks and “chemistry” pre-eminence in the decision process.

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