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Connecting singles com online dating

There are also people from other places like Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, and the Bahamas.

There are more males on Connecting Singles and many have never been to college.

The forum is quite active and the discussions are entertaining and sometimes intense.

Like with any dating site, members will have to be cautious of the bullies, stalkers, scammers, and others who are on Connecting Singles for more than just making new friends.

There are plenty of criteria listed which makes the chances of you finding someone based on your preferences quite good.

You can search from 18 to 99 with or without photos.

This site seems to have collected a lot of emotionally damaged targets for mental diagnoses who have been irreparably scarred by their traumatic experiences (forget about resilience, generosity, good values etc etc in there).

Further, there have been members that had their accounts suspended for any number of reasons including scamming.

Connecting is an online dating site comprised of singles in various age groups who wish to meet new people.

"Meet by choice, not by chance" is the motto of this online dating site.

This way you are better able to make a match with someone intellectually as well.

There are many more features including: games, polls, articles, and groups you can join.

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In the past, some members have complained about people not wanting to share their photos on the site and others falsely assuming that some real people were not who they claimed to be.

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