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Part of the focus now is on standardizing business applications and moving into the cloud.For example, different government departments used to run different versions of Microsoft Exchange.“So the decision was made that that person would work for us.” The IT Department now also supports the city’s radio systems, and in 2016 it will probably add a position to support the traffic signal network, Barrett said.Departments generally choose their own business applications and decide when it’s time to upgrade that software.It supports the organization’s IT needs through two primary data centers, with their servers 85 to 90 percent virtualized, Daidone said.Although some departments still employ staff to maintain specialized legacy applications, Technology Services manages most of the city’s IT infrastructure and applications.Denver’s consolidation journey dates back to 2005, when an executive order created the Technology Services department, charged with providing IT and telecommunications services to the city and county of Denver.

While pulling strongly toward the center, New York provides for the needs of individual lines of business by locating some IT personnel on site with agencies and encouraging them to build close relationships.Use my Connection to gather the information that you most care about from across this website into one central location, giving you greater control over how you connect with your community.Many state and local governments have a common goal these days — to gain efficiencies by consolidating IT operations.Even in 1999, when IT director Ronald Barrett took his first position with the city, a single organization supported technology throughout the enterprise.In recent years, as more systems have come to rely on digital technology, the city has moved even more functions from departments — including city-owned Marietta Power and Water — into the IT organization.

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