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It will offer yoga classes, film screenings, wine tastings and a self-selected community that could take mating offline.

"Yoga is the new singles bar," laughs Wanderlust co-founder Jeff Krasno, who already is planning on franchises.

This summer, Wanderlust, the touring yoga/music/culture festival founded in 2009, will open a permanent center in Hollywood.Just as tastes in fashion, food and music evolve, so do tastes in arm candy, girlfriends and trophy wives.In Hollywood, one's got to keep up with the ceaseless tide of status symbols.They're the way out of the midlife tension that a life of only Hollywood ladder-climbing creates.Dating a yoga teacher acts as needed Prozac to cope with the high-stress Hollywood lifestyle." Relationship expert Dr.

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Owen Wilson had a baby with yoga teacher Caroline Lindqvist in 2014. "With yoga on the rise, it's expected that a yoga identity and body would become a highly eroticized commodity." Yogini Mandy Ingber, who since 2003 has been instructing the likes of Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence and Emilia Clarke, says: "When you're looking for a connection to the self, you're more open to connecting with someone else.

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  2. I waited until after the last session, then made my move: "If you sell any of those pieces," I told him, "I hope you'll let me know. you can get in touch even if you don't sell them." He called the next week, and we went out until I discovered he wasn't exactly living alone. It's a great way to meet like-minded people — provided, of course, you like skiing or the beach!