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"It's not a hard and fast rule, but generally, women's apartments do contain more home comforts than a young bachelor's," says Kerner."If you're protective of your own space and alone time, this could become an issue with a younger guy."If neither of you have any important financial or career commitments, the party lifestyle is fantastic.

He said that a person never experiences the same kind of love twice.Dating way out of your age bracket can work to your advantage.Count up the points, where they're relevant to your needs and desires, to find out who you should date"A man who hasn't had many or any long-term relationships is far more likely to be open to friendly instruction," says Dr Pam Spurr (""Once a man hits around 35, he's usually got a good idea of what he's good at and what he's not," says Kerner."That means he's less likely to be changeable in terms of his career, the way he behaves, but it also makes him less fickle when it comes to love.""The advantage of a man who's been around the block is that he's learned from his exes," says Dr Pam.

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