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Dating antique wall clocks

Otherwise, be patient to find the right collector willing to pay high retail pricing.

Clocks from mainland Europe, which usually do not have fusee gears, tend to go fast when wound on Monday, keep about time on Thursday, and run slow on Saturday. A single-fusee clock is one which does not strike; a double-fusee also strikes the hours; a triple fusee also chimes the quarter hours of plays a tune.

Occasionally, though rarely, housed in a long case.

Originally supported from a hoop and distanced from the wall by two spikes but today often sitting on a shelf. A tall wooden-cased clock anywhere from about six foot to nine foot high or even more.

We can assure you that even those customers who are very demanding, have managed to make their choices here.

The desk clock the the additional calendar for the forgetful person.

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a weight-driven wall clock in a brass case, believed so-called because of a vague resemblance in shape to an old hand lantern.

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