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This paper aims to discuss and examine the possibility to establish a formal government institution of Dar al-Hadis in Malaysia. Abstract: The Muslim world has witnessed the emergence of several Islamic-based institutes and universities in the last three decades, in keeping with some of the recommendations of World Conferences on Muslim Education.

Such a development has greatly improved the quality of higher Islamic education especially with regards to the contribution to Islamic scholarship of some of the graduates of such Islamic institutes and universities.

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page=subscription Feel free to forward this to your colleagues. page=bulletinsubscribe ZAINUN ALI FCJ, RAMLY ALI FCJ, BALIA YUSOF WAHI FCJ[CIVIL APPEAL NO: 02(f)-(W)]14 JULY 2016 COMPANY LAW: Winding up - Transfer of property - Transfer of company's property within two years prior to presentation of winding up petition - Whether made in good faith and with valuable consideration - Whether in violation of rule against 'undue preference' - Whether absolutely void as against liquidator of company - Whether to be read together with relevant laws of bankruptcy - Companies Act 1965, s. 52 & 53 WORDS & PHRASES: ' Undue preference' - Companies Act 1965, s.

Muslims are generally accustomed to giving away charity as sign of religious devotion and care of the poor and needy in society.

Yet while the significance of giving is a common practice in Muslim societies, the understanding of its ethico-spiritual dimensions is not; and requires further research.

Angamah Sunappan Mohd Nazlan Ghazali JC (Succession; Evidence - Documentary evidence - Construction of wills - Validity of wills) [2016] 7 CLJ 914 [HC] Hamidah Mohd Khalid & Yang Lain lwn.293 - Meaning and purport - Whether to be read with ss.52 & 53 of Bankruptcy Act 1967 UNDANG-UNDANG JENAYAH: Akta Penculikan 1961 - Seksyen 3 - Mangsa diculik untuk mendapatkan wang - Pemelarian dan pengurungan secara salah - Sama ada mangsa telah dilarikan dan dikurung secara salah - Sama ada pemelarian dan pengurungan secara salah telah dilakukan dengan niat untuk mendapatkan wang tebusan PROSEDUR JENAYAH: Penghukuman - Pemberat - Kesalahan berat - Penculikan untuk mendapatkan wang tebusan - Kepentingan awam - Tertuduh menceroboh masuk ke dalam rumah mangsa dengan tujuan untuk membawa lari mangsa demi wang - Nyawa dan kebebasan seseorang dipertaruhkan demi wang tebusan - Mangsa dirogol beberapa kali semasa dikurung dan dicederakan - Sama ada kepentingan awam menghendaki hukuman yang paling berat dijatuhkan PROSEDUR JENAYAH: Rayuan - Mahkamah rayuan, kuasa dan tugas - Arahan rayuan didengar secara semakan tanpa alasan penghakiman - Ketiadaan alasan penghakiman - Sama ada mahkamah boleh mengarahkan rayuan didengar secara semakan PROSEDUR JENAYAH: Rayuan - Rayuan oleh pendakwaan - Rayuan terhadap pelepasan dan pembebasan tertuduh daripada pertuduhan rasuah - Pembuktian kes prima facie - Sama ada pendakwaan telah membuktikan elemen-elemen pertuduhan dibawah s.Pentadbir Tanah Daerah Gombak Akhtar Tahir H (Undang-Undang Tanah - Pelucuthakan - Pelanggaran syarat atas hartanah yang dijadikan tempat pembuangan sampah haram) [2016] 7 CLJ 936 [HC] Lai Chu Sing v.Lai Teck Sian & Ors Mohd Firuz Jaffril JC (Company Law - Transaction of shares - Whether contravened s.

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Tengku Azhar Adib T Yusuf David Wong Dak Wah, Idrus Harun, Zamani A Rahim JJCA (Land Law - Sale of land - Bare trust - Forgery - Transfer of land) [2016] 7 CLJ 864 [CA] Mohd Badli Abd Razak & Ors v.

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