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Dating in homestead

What we did have was a pretty decent backyard and even though it wasn’t fenced and was far too shaded for any sort of a garden, we really wanted to find a way that we could make use of the space for some sort of homesteading hobby.

Chickens were out because they were too noisy and the city ordinances wouldn’t allow it.

Now that we’re heading into the beginning of Spring (Lord willing) and projects are beginning to spurt out our eyeballs (sorry, bad imagery? For a lot of them, it’s lack of confidence in their experiences. And a host of large, expensive mistakes in between.

), I felt it sort of important to share with you a few points of encouragement for all the new homesteaders out there. So many of these new homesteaders, however, are becoming increasingly discouraged for a variety of reasons. All of these were obstacles for us as well, at various times, in our homesteading journey. By all stretches of the imagination, Beatha Fonn is still in it’s baby stages.

As my husband noted, “unfortunately, there’s always the one animal you’ve got to learn your lessons on.” Experience teaches us. However, for starting your homestead, you’ve got to be willing to put yourself out there and be willing to make mistakes.

One of the most expensive mistakes we made on the farm thus far was in purchasing our first dairy cow, Kula.Four days later, I finally realized that there were lice crawling all over her (which I, naturally, misdiagnosed as mites).I knew of diatomaceous earth as a preventative measure, but I had no idea how to treat such a bad infestation.As the conversation progressed, I learned he raised hogs. Working slow and steadily through each new project on the homestead helps to make sure that your feet are on solid ground before moving to the next task at hand – as frustrating as this can be for those go-getters out there. And after he learned that we had a dairy cow, he was enthusiastic that he’d found some young people who were interested in farming.

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Flash forward five days and I finally found a treatment that worked effectively (albeight with chemicals).