Event viewer security log not updating

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Event viewer security log not updating

You can correlate logon and logoff events by Logon ID which is a hexadecimal code that identifies that particular logon session.

After logging on to a workstation you can typically re-connect to shared folders on a file server. Remember, whenever you access a Windows computer you must obtain a logon session – in this case a “network logon” session.

In this case both the authentication and logon occur on the very same computer because you logged on to the local computer using a local account.

Therefore you will see both an Account Logon event (680/4776 [1]) and a Logon/Logoff (528/4624) event in its security log.

You might assume that the logon session begins when you connect to the share and then ends when you disconnect from it – usually when logging off your local workstation.

Unfortunately this is not the case: Windows servers only keep network logon sessions alive for as long as you have a file open on the server.

What if we logon to the workstation with an account from a trusted domain?In that case one of the domain controllers in the trusted domain will handle the authentication and log 672/4768 there, with the workstation logging 528/4624 the same as above.In all such “interactive logons”, during logoff, the workstation will record a “logoff initiated” event (551/4647) followed by the actual logoff event (538/4634).In all such cases you will need to look at the Logon Type specified in the logon event 528/540/4624.A full list of Logon Types is provided at the provided links for those events but in short: When you logon to your workstation or access a shared folder on a file server, you are not “logging onto the domain”.

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When you logon at the console of the server the events logged are the same as those with interactive logons at the workstation as described above.

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