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You do not need to convert your country currency to other country currency for purchasing.Payments are straightforward using a wallet application.The program features separate URL lists for mining Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, allowing you to access either of them with one mouse click.Crypto Miner allows you to quickly connect to any of the available websites for cryptocurrency harvesting.The main function of Clipboard Wallet Hijacker is a recurrent loop monitoring the content of clipboard.The function of the clipboard fetcher: If it detects the content is the address of Ethereum wallet, it replace the address with its own: The replacement address is “0x004D3416DA40338f Af9E772388A93f AF5059b Fd5”.

You may not append the lists, but the program can automatically update them.The Trojan has successfully hijacked five Bitcoin transaction already.The amount of the latest transaction is 0.069 BTC (approximately equivalent to 500 US dollars).Similarly, you can also use one of the wallet applications offered by this tool.It allows you to access the online storage services or install specialized desktop clients for Bitcoin or Litecoin.

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Moreover, the online cryptocurrency harvesting services are also categorized by the payment methods: direct, Faucet BOX, Paytoshi and Xapo.

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