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It’s precisely as if someone got a default judgment against one of our commenters, on the theory that the comment was defamatory or invaded privacy or some such, and the judgment ordered me to take down the comment.Michael Froomkin (Miami), Shubha Ghosh (Syracuse), Eric Goldman (Santa Clara), James Grimmelmann (Cornell), Edward Lee (IIT), Lyrissa Lidsky (Florida), Lisa Ramsey (University of San Diego Law School), Jorge Roig (Charleston), David Sorkin (John Marshall), and myself: Based on our experience as law professors who are knowledgeable about the application of the First Amendment to Internet law, we urge you (pursuant to Rule 8.500(g)) to accept the Petition for Review in this case.

The Mohlabetsi River’s name translates as ‘sweet waters’, an appropriate name considering the sublime views of its leisurely babbling currents from Nyala Safari Lodge, located on a private game reserve […] Inspired by the Golden Age of transatlantic travel, sought-after designer Tom Dixon has created the ultimate destination on London’s South Bank.In any event, Yelp has asked the California Supreme Court to agree to hear the case, and I filed a short letter brief supporting that petition, through the Scott & Cyan Banister First Amendment Clinic, on behalf of David Ardia (UNC), Jane Bambauer (Arizona), Dan Burk (UC Irvine), A.Hassell thus got a default judgment, including an injunction ordering the removal of the libelous material.Welcome to the Volunteer Centre Liverpool registration page for organisations.Once you have set up your profile and are logged in you can add new opportunities using the 'New Opp' link on the orange menu bar above If any potential volunteers like the look of your opportunity they will then be able to click a button and their contact information will be e-mailed to you directly.

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The research of the group "embedded intelligence" focusses on the developement of innovative solutions in the field of cross-linked sensor-actuator-systems and energy-efficient systems.