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She in a red LLC posing nude in an office building. ============================================================= OUR LATEST CLIP: Yvette Term SLWC Sexy Cast Foot Show on Coffee Break Perpetually casted sexy Yvette even goes to work with a cast because her boyfriend is a real cast fetishist and likes to film and photograph her.Although she wears hose she keeps her long casted toes painted and naked because that's the way he likes them.Check out her sexy model's bod too as she crutches around. Beautiful woman crutching with barefeet (vid ) Beautiful woman crutching with barefeet.============================================================ the website with hot girls on crutches and nice casts Last updates: Angel with LLC at the Lake (Photos) Angel with LLC at the Lake (Video) Jenny and Mandy in the City (Video, Part 3) Angel visiting the Zoo - Part 4 (Video) Angel at home with her pink SLWC (Photos) Mediha walks to the train station (Video) Check out our social media channels: Swiss One of the oldest and continuously updated cast sites from two of the earliest contributing members to the casting community (1997), updated 3 times a week with pix and CLIPS -- new material every week. She has twisted her ankle and can not put her foot on the ground.Then we follow her with a hidden cam as she crutches at a home improvement store, grabs some groceries, and takes a break at a coffee shop. - Yesterday Emma and I got together for a spontaneous shoot. She says the red cast is med from a high ankle sprain and she's been showing it off everywhere she goes.first with some musical equipment and then on a staircase.

A crutcher's clip with some great closeup shots of Emma's long straight pretty wiggling, curling toes. She needs all the traction she can get in this hilly neighborhood to get around on her sticks. Sabry crutching white nylon kneebrace shoe off (vid ) Beautiful Sabry uses crutches because she has a problem with her knee. Immediately wearing the shoe, but then bothers and takes it off, so you can see her beautiful white pantyhose foot.

This ia a website that offers images and clips of leg cast, bandage, socks, aircast, crutching and hopping, with girls from Sweden, Denmark and Hungary.

- Here's some more hot pics of Emma posing nude in her LLC...

Suzy LLC in The Park Breaking in her Broken Leg the Hard Way with Foot Play, Tickling, Exercise, Cast Signing A must see clip!

New casted cutie Suzy is really put through her paces in her new cast.

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Her BFF takes her to the park where she has to crutch down steep slopes.

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