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Leader lines excel updating

It's easy to allow for expected changes — that's what the feature does!But what happens when the condition, rather than the data, changes?If you change the name, the rule removes the highlight. When you reassign the record, you want the highlight to disappear, as shown in Figure A.The record no longer belongs to Bill, the project leader. On the other hand, if John is the new project leader, you must update the underlying rule because you want the highlight to remain.Let's consider a simple data set that highlights records for a project's leader.If the leader changes, you have to update the conditional rules. However, updating these rules frequently or updating several rules at once is tedious!John's record (instead of Bill's) is now highlighted.Figure D A more complicated condition doesn't change this solution.

You might do so by adding a column for each person's position on the team and using that column for this particular rule.

However, doing so in the real world isn't always an option.

Try not to get too hung up on the simple and (very) contrived example.

When changes occur frequently, you should re-evaluate the setup.

The project leader position is the condition, not the name of the person who happens to be the project leader at any given time.

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The highlight belongs to the project leader, not exclusively to Bill or John.

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