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The forearm is very slender and rises to the receiver very sharply.

Underneath the barrel youll most likely find a J or JM signifying that it was made by John Marlin who built the first 5000 rifles for John Savage. Well try to get through the early 1899s without you confusing to much.

This was a model that you would usually find in a take down configuration and most of the 22 H.

P.s people find these days are in this model of 1899.

The early model 99Bs, Cs, Ds and Es are a very rare find.

Well start with the model 99B, although the earlier 99Bs are twins to the 1899A T/Ds they later were made with a 24 barrel, crescent butt plate and a ramped front sight.

These rifles were the last of the Savage rifles made with standard weight barrels.

Sometimes these days though a person will have one and not even know it because the ring and saddle were lost during its life and all that will be left is two holes where the staple was originally peened into the receiver.Although a number of them were made in 303 and 30-30 without the TD feature. This is going to confuse a few people about what theyve got.The 1899H and the early model 99F are almost identical, the only thing we can go by on what model it is will be the serial number, even though the two rifles overlap each other.Most will be in the 1914-1915 area of manufacture and will have a serial number in 162XXX-173XXX range.The giveaway on most of these are the full length stocks, the forearms also wrapped around the tops of the barrel and went about of the way down the barrel.

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Ill have to explain the transitional rifles here as well.

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