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On the spur of the moment, he launched a counter-bid.

A four-way battle for control ensued in which the 32-year-old Murdoch was ultimately successful.

In 1999, Murdoch significantly expanded his music holdings in Australia by acquiring the controlling share in a leading Australian independent label, Michael Gudinski's Mushroom Records; he merged that with Festival Records, and the result was Festival Mushroom Records (FMR).

Both Festival and FMR were managed by Murdoch's son James Murdoch for several years.

Harold Evans, editor of the Sunday Times from 1967, was switched to the daily Times, though he stayed only a year amid editorial conflict with Murdoch.

At the end of the Thatcher/Major era, Murdoch switched his support to the Labour Party and its leader, Tony Blair.

Murdoch formed the British broadcaster BSky B in 1990 and, during the 1990s, expanded into Asian networks and South American television.

From the very first issue of The Australian Murdoch began taking Mc Ewen's side in every issue that divided the long-serving coalition partners.After his father's death in 1952, Murdoch declined to join his late father's registered public company and created his own private company, News Limited.In the 1950s and 1960s, Murdoch acquired a number of newspapers in Australia and New Zealand before expanding into the United Kingdom in 1969, taking over the News of the World, followed closely by The Sun.In Scotland, where the Tories had suffered a complete annihilation in 1997, the paper began to endorse the Scottish National Party (though not yet its flagship policy of independence), which soon after came to form the first ever outright majority in the proportionally elected Scottish Parliament.Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown's official spokesman said in November 2009 that Brown and Murdoch "were in regular communication" and that "there is nothing unusual in the prime minister talking to Rupert Murdoch".

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In 1974, Murdoch moved to New York City, to expand into the U. market; however, he retained interests in Australia and Britain. In 1986, keen to adopt newer electronic publishing technologies, Murdoch consolidated his UK printing operations in Wapping, causing bitter industrial disputes.