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Northstardating com

Such comics feature heavy use of graphic language, sexual activity and/or gore, among other things.

Then there are comics that feature nothing but gay and bisexual characters and storylines.

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The picture shown is real…but only in an ALTERNATE universe/dimension… You have a right to feel the way you do but remember: THIS BLOG IS A NO HATE ZONE therefore, kindly refrain from making any nasty comments here that might be perceived as hatred towards the hardworking comic book story writers and artists who simply make a living by their expression of art imitating life. In this alternate universe, both Hercules and Wolverine are men which obviously mean that while both of these men are emotional and sexually attracted to men, they also are attracted to women in the same manner.

[More sighs of relief fill the room] I can already “hear” some you saying, “GAY! Referring back to my comment about “” of haters of gay and bisexual characters in fiction, perhaps it’s best if I gave a brief history on the more-open introduction of gay and bisexual characters in mainstream comic books, not just for the haters of gay and bisexual people but for readers who aren’t at all into comic books.

At the height of its influence, the CCA was a de facto censor for the U. When I say “reveal”, I mean that in reality, a part of the mythos of certain characters was modified or re-written to bring the character “up to date” in order to reflect the current times.

Aside from the person who created the character (and anyone else who owns the rights to that character), I do not know who else is involved in the decision-making process of selecting exactly which character(s) is going to be homosexual, bisexual or even asexual in a series.

There goes my hero Watch him as he goes There goes my hero He’s ordinary – Chorus to My Hero by Foo Fighters from their 1997 album, The Color and The Shape NEWS FLASH! Fans of these popular comic book heroes can now relax. Doing so helps break down the public stereotype that most or all gay or bisexual men are effeminate. You’d be surprised at how many masculine men are gay or bisexual or how many feminine women, for that matter are gay or bisexual.To access this site, please upgrade your current browser to the latest version or use one of the alternate browsers listed below.Plus, make sure to download our mobile apps to score style and savings wherever you are.If most comic book readers were like me – before puberty, and later during puberty, then the sexual orientation of ANY character barely even came to mind nor did it matter much. Looking for things sexual in any form of literature doesn’t necessarily mean that guys will masturbate to those things considered sexual, especially from a comic book, although there are many guys who do. Keep in mind that certain art work depictions of male and/or female characters and/or related storylines do tend to trigger or enhance a male’s masturbatory fantasies.Try to remember two important things about this statement: Sexuality and Comic books (2) – The Hercules & Wolverine gay story line isn’t the first time Marvel, DC or other comic book publishing companies had ever featured LGBT characters and/or storylines.

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