Spragga benz and foxy brown dating

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Ashanti post a photo of herself on Spragga on her Instagram page last week.

Brooklyn based rapper FOXY BROWN just "let it all out" on a recent broadcast of the Wendy Williams show on WBLS, in which she discussed her "enslavement" to DEF JAM, as well as her "unfortuntate situation with SPRAGGA BENZ as well as the REAL REASON why she is dissing Eve, great interview audio included as well:

content ID=4534 but hol on mi neva know seh spragga did a jux it as im gyal..jus tink im did a hol a small piece.........now to learn that she did a breed fi im..... I KNOW SOMEONE WHO WUD LOVE TO HEAR THAT CAUSE SHE DID A JUX IM TOO... MY BAD SPAGHETTI BENZ HAVE HIM WIFEY A YAAD, A WHA SHE A LOOK POSITION?

After shocking fans by revealing that she was the Ill mama of a baby girl, Foxy Brown’s revealed her baby’s father.

As previously reported the rap legend shared a post of her gray eyed “birthday gift” but didn’t reveal any further details.

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“My Gorgeous, Greatest, Gray Eyed BIRTHDAY GIFT GLORY TO GOD My GREATEST Hit Obsessively IN LOVE Forever Your Hero, MOMMY,” she captioned a post with Lauryn Hill’s classic single “Zion” playing in the background.