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Troy Mc Iver had lured Lindsay Rappaport to the funhouse, but she turned the tables on him -- Lindsay knocked him out and chained him to a huge wheel.

Once Starr was reunited with her mother, Blair and Todd decided to reconcile for Starr's sake.When Blair learned that she was actually pregnant, she and Todd reconciled again.Soon after their wedding, Todd left for Ireland and was presumably shot dead. Believing Todd was dead, Blair began dating Patrick Thornhart.J." Roberts (paternal first cousin) Sarah Victoria Roberts (paternal first cousin) Megan Gordon (paternal first cousin; deceased) Kevin Buchanan Sr.(paternal first cousin) Joey Buchanan (paternal first cousin) Jessica Buchanan (paternal first cousin) Natalie Buchanan (paternal first cousin) Brian Kendall (paternal first cousin; deceased) Victor Lord, III (cousin; deceased) Duke Buchanan (paternal first cousin, once removed; deceased) Megan Buchanan (paternal first cousin, once removed; deceased) Brennan "Bree" Buchanan (paternal first cousin, once removed) Chloe Brennan (paternal first cousin, once removed; deceased) Ryder Asa Lovett (paternal first cousin, once removed) Liam Asa Mc Bain (paternal first cousin, once removed) Kelly Cramer (maternal first cousin, once removed) Paul Cramer (maternal first cousin, once removed; deceased) Cassie Callison Carpenter (maternal first cousin, once removed) Adriana Cramer (maternal first cousin, once removed) Langston Wilde (maternal first cousin, once removed; via adoption) Kevin Buchanan Jr.

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In an attempt to receive attention, Starr began causing trouble and telling tall tales.

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  1. Explained Ryder, “We wanted Riley to fly through the air and crash land onto the hardwood floor, but we decided her agent might get upset if she ended up in the hospital, so we used a stunt doll supplied by 1am Doll USA.