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Wowjutsu not updating

He'll toss you a sampler, which you can then drink.

Once it's empty, chuck the empty mug at a marauding dwarf.

This is a delivery quest with a build-in time limit.

Pick up the quest at the festival grounds, and you'll be given a racing ram.

Wolpertingers are invisible jackalope-like creatures. Essentially we're talking a rabbit with antlers, wings, and a set of tiny fangs.

Run your ram back to the festival and drop off the keg.

Then use the provided net to ensnare the wee beasties.

Tip: to see the wolpertinger more clearly, you might want to go into your video settings and temporarily turn off the drunk effect by switching off full screen glow. (Tip: if you drop the Ram Racing Reins, you can replace them by talking to the apprentice standing next to the quest dude.) Your ram steed has four speeds, but can get fatigued if you make him run too fast for too long.

Dark Iron dwarves will try to steal the Brewfest Kegs every hour on the half hour.

Pick up a Complimentary Brewfest Sampler by targeting target one of the Barkers from any brewery and /waving.

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The first time you do this quest, you have to deliver three kegs in four minutes, which will earn you 15 Brewfest prize tickets.